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Anticipation Volume 1 
by Mark Darcy
Body Pump by Amy Alexander


Mark Darcy is the CEO and founder of Smugcat Media & Publishing. Mark started Smugcat to self publish his own writing and to help other aspiring authors.

    He had an interesting start to life being born on a ‘Sharra-bang’ (Bus) in a country lane in Kent. Mark was raised in London (England) and Nairobi (Kenya). And spent the first part of his life as a Fire Fighter for the London Fire Brigade. Before going on to private sector as a driver for an advertising agency in his home town of Bournemouth.

    After a serious injury and redundancy in 2014 Mark started  his own business in the transport industry, running a Chauffeuring Company. 

Mark started writing or rather attempting to write as a way of furthering his education.

    He spent most of his childhood in Kenya during the 1950’s and for one reason or another missed out on a formal education.

    In 2005 he embarked on the process of teaching himself to write to a reasonable level!

   Volume One of Anticipation (Tales of Erotic Fantasy) is the first product of this process. The reader will be able to judge the outcome of the journey so far?

    More books are to follow from Mark and the other aspiring writers in the Smugcat Media & Publishing stable in the coming months and years. 


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Mark Darcy's first book is full of love lust and fantasy.

From 'Valentines Gift' to 'A Fantacy Revealed' it's seven well crafted erotic tales. 

Anticipation, Mark Darcy's first foray into writing is a hit. What I mean is, it hits all the right spots. Sex, Lust, Transgender Fun and Bisexual Exploration; its all here.

A new writer on the block. Mark Darcy's 'Anticipation' is one of ten volume set, Just can not wait to read them all. I've been told Smugcats next book 'Body Pump' by Amy Alexander is one to make your feel slightly uncomfortable. 

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Mandy Fernandez,

Gemma Taylor,

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Mark Darcy's first book published

'Anticipation' out on Kindle and available through the Amazon Book Store. £1.99 on Kindle and £3.54 paperback. 

'The Band of Quadders' 


'The Band of Quaders' by Mark Malyon, tells the real life story of his Bi-lateral Quadriceps Tendon Rupture. It's a funny read taken from his blog on the subject. Mark while stuck in hospital looked into his as he put it, 'They kept telling me how rare an injury I had substained. So I had to look it up, boy did I wish I hadn't.' So Mark decided to blog about his day to day war with his injury. On line it was all doom and gloom, but it had it's funny side so I decided to put something out there for other suffer's in the future to give them some hope.   


'Body Pump'

Amy Alexander's latest short story in three acts, is 'Body Pump.' A story of lustful coercion, lustful enjoyment and lusty payback. Out on 1st April 2016

18 Jun.

'Beach Lover'

Volume 2 of Mark Darcy's Anthology of Erotic Fantasies is out in the summer 2016. 'Anicipation Two' is composed of eight sexy summer tales. From 'Beach Lover' to 'Milked in Bodrum' dont let this one get you to hot.

31 Oct.

Volume 3 of Mark Darcy's Anothogy of Erotic Fantasies is out at Halloween 2016. 'Anticipation Three' is composed of six naughty erotic horrors, from Suzy's Halloween to 'Death do us Part.' It's enough to scare the pants off you. 


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